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We love and support new initiatives. That’s why we support new ideas within the scope of OAA Ventures and play a role in their development.

Advisory, consultation, mergers & acquisitions, business planning and execution.  OAA V&I works with you to optimize your vision, we bring experience and resources to identify and address any gaps.

OAA Ventures has six main fields of activity.

These areas are;


Recognizing the idea or product


Incubation/preparatory period


Creation of branding and strategy


Finding investment


Making it ready for the market


Bringing disseminating with the end user

We are developing your projects

ProjectLAB works as a project development unit within OAA V&I. In this unit, we provide development services at every stage of your raw projects or projects that you have brought to a certain stage.

We work like one of you in many areas of your projects such as idea, development, productization, production, sustainability and sensitivity. We prioritize efficiency in all of these areas and make our plans in line with maximum benefit.

Our Brands

See our brands whose ventures we add value.

Their original logos are not published due to their respective confidentiality agreements.